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Presenting Servicalc (in english, 6'27s)

Quickly shows what it is about, who it is for and what the basic functions are.


Version: Beta 11279 users on-line at the moment all over the world.

The ServiCalc® from Thecnica Systems® is a FREE online management software for services and parts suppliers.

» How much does it cost?
The use of ServiCalc® is absolutely FREE (some restrictions apply). In the future there will be a paid version, with advanced features, for those who need it.

» Specializations where it can be used
The ServiCalc® system can used in several areas. Best said, in any company that works with material and labor costs plus fee and taxes as, for example:
  • Computers and networks
  • House hardware and home appliances
  • Cars and other vehicles
  • Building
  • Air conditioning

» Features
With ServiCalc® you have all that's needed to manage your business:
  • Customer, equipments, inventory and stock databases,
  • Estimates and proposals, for printing or to be sent by email
  • Issue service orders and delivery receipts
  • Manage the services as it goes
  • Get immediate reports with the progress of your business
  • Issue price lists automatically, from previously registered items

» Advantages of ServiCalc
Being an online application made specifically for the service and materials providers, the ServiCalc® system offers several advantages:
  • The offers and proposals can be used anywhere in the world. All you need is a device with internet access, no local installation required
  • The offers and service orders are customizable and issued automatically as you wish
  • The reports show exactly what you need to know about the movements of your company and your customers.
  • The system is multilingual, changeable on the fly as needed (at the moment, only english, spanish, portuguese and italian are available. More languages can be added as necessary.
  • Can be used in service only or products only suppliers, or any combination of both

» How do I proceed to use it right now?
To use the ServiCalc® system you need a computer or smartphone with Internet access and do some basic settings and entries such as:
  • Register the main operator,what will to be free during the system test phases
  • Register your company
  • Specify who are the operators allowed to use the system on your behalf
  • Register your customers and suppliers (optional)
  • Register the operations that usually take place in your tasks (optional)
  • Register the components that are kept in stock or that you usually buy (optional)
  • With this you will be able to do your calculations and proposals, and
  • Issue and track your Service Orders.
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